General information before going on a trip:

ALBATRANS is just a phone call away from You.

You can contact us every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday from 8 am until 8 pm on our Mobile: +355 6840 60 001 / +355 6940 60 001 / Telephone: +355 4 2259204 or you can visit directly our Agency at:Blvd. “ZOGU I”,Nr.97 Tirana – Albania or one of our official agencies that you can find in the website under the section “Agency Network”.

►The client can amend the ticket purchased at ALBATRANS only if he shows up 24 hours prior to departure, and pays a 2€ fee. In case of less than 24 hours prior to departure, he pays 4€. If the client confirms (in person) up to 24 hours after the bus departure, the cost of changing the date is equal to 50% of the ticket price and not less than 15 euros per person for any modification. Any other case or scenario is not eligible for any kind of modification or reimbursement/refund.

►Ticket cancellation is feasible only 24 hours prior to departure and the refund is only 80% of the original ticket price!

►Schedules, prices and seat number will be provided to you at the time of purchasing the ticket. After official hours, the information can be obtained via the email address: or official facebook page ALBA-TRANS

►The ticket is the final traveling document and can be purchased at authorized agencies in Albania as well as in Greece. Passengers holding a round-trip ticket, with an undefined return date (open ticket), should contact (show up in person) with the nearest agency to determine the return date 5 days prior to departure, depending on the bus vacancies. Passenger should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the bus, at the station designated by the Agency.

►Luggage contents are not insured and are the total responsibility of each passenger. ALBATRANS does not take any responsibility in case of theft, intrusion or loss of luggage. The traveler has the right of transporting the hand baggage free of charge and he can place it at the designated spot inside the bus without causing inconveniency to others. In case of luggage loss, the central agency of the Line Operator should be immediately notified.

►Personal documents: The fundamental requirement for all travelers is that they hold legal and correct documentation which are valid for crossing the border.

►Stops at restaurants and restrooms are provided during the trip. Travelers should strictly respect the time predefined for the stops.

►Smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles.

►Minors under 16 years old are not allowed to travel if they are not accompanied by an adult. Children between the ages of 16 and 17 years old should possess an authorization issued by the parents.

►Animal transportation is not allowed in ALBATRANS vehicles.

Informacion i pergjithshem

Informacion i pergjithshem para se te udhetoni

1. Detyrimet e pasagjerit

Pasagjeri duhet te:

-te hipe edhe te zbrese nga autobuzi ne vendin edhe kohen e caktuar

-te mos mbaje me vete artikuj te ndaluar(materiale plasese, djegese, narkotike edhe te tj)

-te paraqitet ne vendin e nisjes 30 minuta para nisje se autobuzit.

2.Biletat-anullimi-ndryshimet ne data

-biletat jane personale, individuale, jo te transferueshme edhe te vlefshme vetem per itenerarin e percaktuar ne bilete.

-biletat nuk jane te vlefshme ne qofte se nuk kane vulen e agjensise se shitjes

-bileta vajtje-ardhje kushton 10% me pak se shuma totale e dy udhetimeve teke

-biletra vajtje-ardhje jane te vlefshme per 3 muaj nga data e udhetimit te pare

-konfirmimi i dates se kthimit duhet bere 48 ore para orarit te nisjes dhe ne varesi te vendeve te lira.

-anullimi i biletes pranohet vetem 24 ore perpara nisjes dhe ne kete rast nga agjensia mbahet 20% e vleres se shenuar ne bilete.

-anullimi i biletes nuk mund te behet diten e udhetimit edhe ne kete rast vlera e biletes nuk kthehet.

-femijet nga mosha 0-4 vjec nuk paguajne dhe nuk gezojne te drejten e vendit.

-femijet nga mosha 4-12 vjec paguajne 50% te vleres se biletes dhe gezojne te drejten e vendit.


-bagazhi i pare edhe i dyte jane pa pagese (55cm*40cm*20cm)

-cdo bagazh tjeter( me shume se dy ) paguhet 10 euro.

-cdo bagazh duhet te mbaje kuponin me numrin e serise perkatese te vendosur nga agjensia.

-kompania nuk eshte pergjegjese per humbjen ose demtimin e bagazheve te pasagjereve.

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